We offer lessons for both beginner and advanced surfers. The learning curve is individual, therefore we divide our lessons into different levels:

Level 1: This is for you who have never surfed before or just tried it a couple of times. You will learn all the basics you need in order to be comfortable and have fun in the small waves.

Level 2: You have surfed a bit before and you can stand up and ride the white water waves. We will work on getting you to surf the green waves and to go right and left.

Level 3: This level is designed for those of you that can catch waist high green waves on your own and surf frontside as well as backside. You’re not yet confident in head high waves but we’ll provide you with all the knowledge you need to feel confident to surf most breaks on your own and to start putting down some manoeuvres.

Coaching: A coaching package designed for the independent and active surfer out there. Our experienced coach will give you pointers and tips to improve on surfing techniques like for example getting more power, working on your stance, using your arms more actively, and producing speed down the face of the wave.