For those of you who arrive in Costa Rica prior to Monday, we offer a hostel + transfer package for an additional 80 EUR. The package includes an overnight stay in San Jose at Alajuela Backpackers.

At your arrival, there will be a transfer just outside of the airport which shuttles you directly to the hostel. The given shuttle is available until 22h00 PM. Arrivals after that must arrange the transfer to the hostel on their own. However, it is only a 5-minute taxi ride away. (Alajuela Backpackers: SJO Airport Ave, 4th Street, Alajuela, Costa Rica)

After you have gained a good night sleep at the hostel, our staff crew will pick you up directly from the reception at 8h00 AM on Monday morning. We will then head straight to the camp Villa in Santa Teresa which takes about a 6-hour drive.

For the case that you would like to get picked up at the airport instead and do not need any accommodation in San Jose, you can simply book the transfer for 65 EUR. Our driver will meet you at the airport around 7h30 AM.


We have a shuttle leaving the camp on Monday around 9h00. As it is a 6-hours drive, you will be arriving at the airport in San Jose around 15h00. Please keep that in mind when booking your return flight, as we advise you to book an evening flight on Monday. The transfer back to the airport costs 65EUR/person.