The best, easiest and cheapest way to get to and from Hoddevik, is definitely by car. Hoddevik is quite remote and does not have access to public transport and the car will help you to get around in the area for a bit of sightseeing, as well as to get to the nearest shop in Leikanger.

If you choose to travel to the Camp using public transport, you should look for a bus line that goes to Nordfjordeid. You can go directly to Nordfjordeid and then catch a bus to Leikanger (please mind that the buses do not go every day). Or you can use the same bus, but take off at Bryggja and catch a taxi from there to the Camp (around 1h drive). 

If you are using a ferry, the closest stop would be Selje (45 min drive by taxi to the Camp).

To call a local taxi you can use the number: 0047 908 40 787. Lapoint does not form the prices for the taxi rides and they totally depend on the transporter. 

Lapoint does not offer transfers to the Camp for the guests at the moment.