Lapoint Travels offer cancellation insurance as an additional product by booking. The cancellation insurance secures full refund of the product cost minus cancellation fee if the cancellation is in accordance with the following notions:

The cancellation insurance fee is 15 % of the total amount purchased.

The cancellation with the use of cancellation insurance must occur in writing to,, or at least 1 day prior to arrival. Cancellations after the arrival date is not considered valid.

The cancellation insurance is personal and can only be used for the traveller who chose to buy the cancellation insurance. For bookings with multiple travellers, each traveller must purchase their own insurance under their name. Insurance can not be transferred to other customers.

If the customer has bought the organisers cancellation insurance, the organiser should refund the already paid amount (minus the insurance cost) as soon as the customer provides the cancellation documentation and within 2 weeks. By cancellation regarding multiple persons in one travelling party, the refund will go through to the person listed as responsible for the booking.

Please note it is not mandatory.

You can opt out right under the traveler's info.