The wind is consistent during the summer months from June – August and there is plenty of space to practice. The river Cavádo with its estuary in Esposende forms a large lagoon in an open area, with plenty of space for both launching and landing. The water here is flat, and the perfect place for beginners to learn how to manage the board, and for the more experienced kiters to practice tricks. The lagoon is separated from the sea by a small strip of land. On the other side of it there is a beach with waves that are almost always between 1-2 meters.

The wind varies every week (and every season). Therefore it is hard to predict how the wind is going to be. As a participant you should contact the camp manager ahead of your week and ask about the forecast if you don´t want to bring all your kites. We always recommend people to travel with two-three kites, to cover all sorts of winds. The wind conditions can vary every day and every week during the season. Girls should bring one 7-8 meter kite and one 10- 12 meter kite. Boys should bring one 8-9 meter kite and one 11-13 meter kite. It is also difficult to read the forecasts, as we have thermal winds at all our destinations. Even though there is no wind on the forecast, there might be super strong wind at our kite spots. We look at the wind directions rather than the wind strength when reading the forecast.