The westerly “Maestral” is a pleasant summer wind that blows in from the sea, reaching its peak force in early afternoon. This gives us kiters incredible kiting conditions nearly every day during the season from June to September. The wind normally kicks in between 12-3 pm, so you have time to enjoy the morning, the food and the view. We return to the camp when the sun goes down, around 7 pm.

The wind varies every week (and every season). Therefore it is hard to predict how the wind is going to be. Contact the camp manager ahead of your week and ask about the forecast if you don´t want to bring all your kites. We always recommend people to travel with two kites, to be prepared for all sorts of winds. The wind conditions can vary every day and every week during the season. Girls should bring one 7-8 meter kite and one 10-12 meter kite. Boys should bring one 8-9 meter kite and one 11-13 meter kite as a minimum. 

It is difficult to read the forecasts, as we have thermal winds at all our destinations. Even though there is no wind on the forecast, there might be very strong wind at our kite spots. We look at the wind directions rather than the wind strength when reading the forecast.