What to bring?

You only need beach clothes for the trip. We will spend most of the time surfing and on the boat, so bikinis and boardshorts are the best solutions. Please bring some clothes that will help you cover the skin from the sun, in case you are sunburnt. 

The very important thing that you cannot forget is to bring 50+ sunscreen and a zink for the face to protect the skin properly. Make sure the sunscreen is reef-friendly so we can protect the ocean. Here you can read more about what to look for.

A good idea would be to bring seasick pills. Most of the time the boat will be in calm waters, but some days with bigger waves can be expected as well.

Please mind that there are no surf shops around, so nice if you have some extra warm water wax, leashes and fins with you. Since we are surfing reef breaks, we advise you to consider bringing reef shoes with you.


You should bring your own board for the trip. It can be boards of all types, the one that you are used to surfing with fish to squash tail and all-around board (you don’t need a step-up board)