Fuerteventura and other Canary islands have been called "the islands of eternal spring" because of their pleasant weather throughout the year. The average air temperature in Fuerteventura sits around 20°C year-round, with little variation between summer (24°C) and winter (18°C), making Fuerteventura a perfect all year round beach and holiday destination. The island has around 300 days of sun per year.

Fuerteventura is an island with very little rain, so you are almost guaranteed good weather for most of your trip no matter what time of the year you are going. The winters are warm during the days but tend to be a bit chilly during the night, so an extra hoodie might be a good idea to bring. The water is a bit colder during this time, but you don’t need more than a 3:2 wetsuit anyways. If you don’t have a wetsuit don’t worry we have everything you need at the camp to surf. 

The summer tends to get a bit more wind than the winter, but mainly warm winds from Africa which makes the summers a perfect temperature, not too warm and not too cold! The water is warmer, and so are the evenings!