Costa Rica and Santa Teresa are especially suited for solo travelers. Unless you are specifically seeking solitude, There is a big expat community and lots of opportunity to meet other solo travelers in Santa Teresa. There are many hostels in Costa Rica where you can connect with fellow solo travellers. Starting your travels at Lapoint is a great way to travel solo and you will be guaranteed to leave with friends for life. 

It’s easy to get around Costa Rica with public transfer and most people say they feel very safe travelling by themselves. It helps if you know a couple of words of Spanish. But these days a lot of the locals speak basic English and can help you get around. Locals in Costa Rica are super friendly and we guarantee you will love it. 

Puerto Viejo & Montezuma are all other very solo traveler-friendly destinations. Don’t miss out on the beauty of travelling to Costa Rica. We believe the solo travelling experience is a game changer and you will never regret it. 

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