There are two seasons in Sri Lanka. Dry & Wet season. Both unique and wonderful in their own way. 

During the wet-season, the temperatures in Sri Lanka still remain high at around 30 degrees. It rains almost everyday but usually not longer than intense showers of 15 minutes in the morning and the late afternoon. During the wet season you can see some of the most amazing thunderstorms and then 10 min later enjoy the best sunset of your life. It's also very green and lush during the wet season. Where our camp is located, on the south west coast, the wet season is from May-October

The Dry season rains a bit less but is generally a little bit more busy. No matter if you are a beginner- or advanced surfer there are still plenty of amazing waves around the island. Our instructors get up early every morning in order to check the conditions so that we can make sure that you surf the best waves around and have the most fun. Dry season is from November to April.