Solo traveling in Sri Lanka is super fun and easy! There are a lot of tourists on the island and you will for sure have a great time exploring this amazing island!

The famous trains and the busses are the perfect choice for you if you want to travel around cheaper and it is an amazing experience to travel by bus or train. The scenery on a lot of the train-rides is breathtaking. If you wish to travel more comfortably there are taxis and tuk-tuks all over the island and they are ready to take you anywhere that you'd like. 

Our camp is located in a very strategic spot for all you solo travellers out there. It's close to the most famous spots in Sri Lanka and a perfect way to start your solo travel with a week or two at Lapoint. There is a good chance you will meet fellow travellers continuing to explore the South Coast after they have stayed with us. There are lot's of cool hostels and guest houses on the south coast and we know you will have the time of your life. 

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