Due to the location at the camp and the fact that it is an island means that we have access to 3 different coasts to surf at. That means we can usually find some really good waves since we have so many options. There are reef breaks, beach breaks and point breaks all along the coast, most within a 20 min drive. 

In the winter there are bigger swells arriving from the Atlantic and the waves are usually a bit bigger. There are waves for all levels all year round even if the swell gets bigger in winter. In the summer the waves tend to be a bit smaller, perfect for beginners. And also perfect practice for the ones that have surfed before but don’t want to surf the biggest waves. 

No matter what the season is there are always waves for everyone and you will for sure have a great time in the crystal clear blue water.

In the winter a 3:2 wetsuit is enough, maybe if you tend to be cold use a 4:3  The summers are warmer and there are days you can surf in a bathing suit/board shorts or a shortie, but we always recommend you to bring a wetsuit to the beach anyways, the mornings are a bit colder.

We have all the equipment that you need including wetsuits.